Other ways you can help

No matter your situation this is a problem you can make a contribution toward solving. Here is a list of suggested action items.

1. Show public support for natural state skies by joining our Facebook page: Arkansas Natural Sky Association. Less than a minute to do and makes an ongoing invaluable contribution.

2. Review your own lighting practices. This will be a physical contribution and save you money.

3. Explore this website and the International Dark Sky Association website to educate yourself further.

4. Join the International Dark Sky Association. Yes, this involves a bit of money but it is an essential universal lubricant for all progress.

5. Join https://darkskyar.groups.io/g/main where you can learn more about how to participate in public education and policy-making essential to achieving our mutual goals. Hey, maybe you don’t think you’re into all that right now but join anyway. One, you may be surprised and two, it will encourage others. While IDA membership is not required, a national advocacy group makes us stronger.

6. Whatever you do, invite and share with others. Share posts on Facebook and invite people to join it and the group.