Carroll Electric Campaign for Responsible Good Neighbor Lighting

Carroll Electric is the state's fourth largest electric utility, by customers served, and one of three coops that serve the beautiful Ozark Region of our state. Many of the people who live in the region treasure its natural nighttime skies. But, naturally dark skies are disappearing like a spring snowfall, across the country and in our state, making the Ozark region's skies an increasingly important element of its natural beauty.  That the Buffalo River National Park, part of which lies in Carroll Electric's distribution territory, plans to become an IDA Dark Sky Park underlines the growing importance of natural dark skies.  It also evidences the realization that you haven't saved the river if you lose the skies over it. Protecting the parks designation as a IDA DSP will depend upon preserving its natural skies. However, the growing popularity of the region, largely built upon its natural beauty, will undermine itself if we continue to light carelessly.  

While many cities are adopting responsible lighting practices and passing ordinances to mitigate light pollution, it is even more important to take steps to protect what is left of our natural skies in the rural areas where they exist.  If you are a customer of Carroll Electric, please join this list and encourage others to do the same.

Carroll Electric Distribution

Why Carroll Electric?  Besides it location, because we have a cadre of local leaders who are willing to lead a campaign to promote responsible lighting practices.  However, they need community support. This critical project could set an example for all the coops and utilities in the state. Building a list of customers supporting this effort will be critical to success.  Click here to participate - help us grow our list.  

(Not a Carroll Electric customer, but want to help promote responsible lighting where you live?  Click Here.)

What is Proposed:

  1. Install only zero-up outdoor lighting fixtures going forward (As Ouachita Electric does) preferably of 3000 CCT or less .
  2. Install shielding on older fixtures upon request for $35 without a monthly maintenance fee as it can´t be justified and does not promote good neighbor policy (As First Electric does).
  3. Institute a program to allow customers of older fixtures to upgrade to the zero uplight fixtures (also as Ouachita Electric does).