The Association

The Arkansas Natural Sky Association is an Arkansas Unicorporated Nonprofit Association and a designated chapter of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA).

Any member of the public is free to take part in the Association’s activities, so long as their purpose is to support the Associations mission. However, only IDA dues paying members have a formal right to vote on Association officers and business. The Association is governed by a Steering Committee who operate pursuant to it By-Laws.

(Under Arkansas law, an Unicorporated Nonprofit Association is a legal entity separate and apart from its members who, along with its officers, enjoy the same immunity from its actions as officers and stockholders in a corporation. A.C.A §4-28-500 et. Seq.)


Technology has allowed us to alter our relationship with nature in ways that improve the human condition. However, we have repeatedly learned that there can be latent costs. Artificial light is powerful example. It is incumbent upon us to use it responsibly in order to derive its benefits while minimizing adverse consequences.

Careless lighting:

  • Separates us from experiencing the Universe in our daily lives,
  • Poses risks to human health and safety,
  • Alters the environment for other living things, great and small,
  • Creates carbon emissions, contributing to climate change, and
  • Wastes private and public money.

Our mission is to educate others on the adverse consequences of careless lighting and the how and why of proper lighting so as to preserve, to the extent practical, dark sky environments in the Natural State for their ecological and esthetic value and minimize other environmental impacts of artificial lighting.